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Your website should be your 24/7 main marketing tool. Done right, it takes careful planning to be organized, attractive, easy to read, and display properly adapting to any screen size… and most importantly, grab your target audience!  You need to stand out from the competition, and that’s where MindSurf can help maximize your efforts and grow your business.

Content Development

When creating a website, don’t forget the CONTENT!  Many mistakenly focus only on the design, create a couple of pages and just toss in some old brochure copy thinking “that’s good enough.”  Wrong!  Website copy should be structured and written in a specialized style appealing to your target market.  Let MindSurf help you create a site with professional content.


One style doesn’t fit all when it comes to content development and copywriting.  What works for a website, won’t necessarily work for a 1-sheet.  Your marketing tools should coordinate, not replicate.  That’s where MindSurf comes in.  We specialize in different styles of copywriting for all your business writing needs—Marketing, Business, Public Relations, Proof Reading.

Marketing Tools

While your website is your main marketing and promotion piece, there are other ways MindSurf can help your business.  It all depends on your marketing goals and budget.  Marketing letters, Promotional Emails, E-Books, E-Zines and Blogs to name a few.  Brochures, 1-Sheets, Postcards are great “take-aways.”  And, not to be forgotten, your all-important Power Point.

So, now you’ve a website… what do you do with it?!  Well, first of all, you need to place it on a specialized Internet server, which is called “Hosting.”  Not all website designers handle this service, but MindSurf does!  In an effort to offer a complete turn-key solution for our clients, we have invested in a special hosting structure, partnering up with one of the largest providers worldwide… allowing us to provide you a high-level of personalized service for your website and custom email hosting needs.

You’re not ready for a website, but you want a custom email address… you know, something like or  Or, maybe, you need a couple more including “studio”,  “office” or employee accounts.  Again, MindSurf is expert at helping you with a custom email solution to suit your business.  And, if you’re looking for just the right custom domain name, check out our library of names, or let us help you brainstorm the perfect name to brand to your business.  Descriptive names are best as they brand what you do to your business.

Now that your website is finished, what’s next?  Well, we like to tell our clients that a website is a “living” document that should frequently change.  The worst mistake you can make is having stale content.  Mix it up a little, add to the site as your business grows.  Add in features that give viewers a reason to return… keep your name in front of them with an email campaign linked to your site, for example.  And, not to be forgotten is routine maintenance to the website software.  It’s the nature of the beast.  But, don’t worry, MindSurf can help with all that and much more.

Why Choose MindSurf

  • MindSurf is a boutique marketing studio celebrating 25 years in business.

  • MindSurf is small enough to care about you and your business and backs that up with personalized service.

  • MindSurf takes the time to learn about your business and industry to better serve you.

  • MindSurf builds relationships working together with many clients for over 10+ years.

  • MindSurf has a team of talented individuals with experiences in varied industries ready to help build your business!

Featured Projects

Dive Warriors

(MindSurf provided:
Design, Development, Gallery, Online Donation, Store and more)

(MindSurf provided: 
Design, Development, Library, all Copywriting and more)

Our Satisfied Clients

I would like to thank Renee and her entire team at MindSurf for their incredible work in helping our charity Dive Warriors build and maintain our website. Every step of the way they have been there, offering ideas and suggestions to make our website the best it can possibly be. Renee and her team are always there to go the extra mile and make sure everything is working correctly. In a world where so many companies try to get the job done as quickly as possible you will find working with MindSurf a refreshing change of pace. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a web designer.

Brad Mirman, President & Founder, Dive Warriors

Dear Renee, Thank you for your amazing work!  I appreciate all you do and enjoy working with you all these many years.  Peace & love.

Debra Smalley, Debra Smalley Luxury Real Estate

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